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If you walk through a city you find typography everywhere. There are numerous blogs in the internet where specimens of beautiful typography in public spaces are gathered, exhibited and shared. Mostly these are shop signs or posters, mostly on eye level or above, designed to catch our attention. What escapes us, is what lies below eye level. And there I found a whole new world of type specimens, the lettering on bicycles. Once I noticed the beauty and versatility, I can’t pass a bike without examining its lettering, it’s almost addictive. To share what I found I designed and programmed the blog Bike Type. In the course of this project I also made myself familiar with the concept of responsive web programming. Visit it at to see specimens I collected so far. My collection is growing constantly so you can follow the updates on twitter @bike_type or the facebook page.

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Version 2.0:

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Version 1.0: